The Happenin

by Jean Paul Rivas

It is happenin!

Be prepared for the next NFT revolution.

Forget animal profile pictures. Forget everything you though you knew about NFTs.

Art for the People

The art market is nothing more than a elaborate scam, a rugged casino for the extremely rich where they can create value out of thin air and become even richer.
But that was before.
Now, WE have the power to create value out of our own art!
Now WE say: let’s take back control of the art market!
Join the NFT revolution!
Join The Happenin!

Real Art, not Monkeys

The Happening is about going back to the roots of the NFT decentralization promise: let the people create and value their art as they feel right, and not as the suits have decided behind closed doors.
We have worked very hard to create amazingly beautiful procedurally generated paintings, a tribute to the digitization of the art that we are witnessing.

Jean Paul Rivas

Jean Paul Rivas is a Venezuelan businessman, philanthropist and artist.

Jean Paul Rivas grew his way out of the streets of Caracas to become a prominent businessman and philanthropist with connections all over the world.

All these years, while closing deals with some of the most influential people on this planet, Jean Paul Rivas was secretly pursuing his own artistic aspirations.

And now it is happenin!